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All our thoughts are with the families and friends of the innocent victims of the mindless Paris killings.
Viva La France.
The City of London Bailiffs Ltd support the innocent people of France.


When the sun sets we shall remember and when sun rises we shall not forget.
The City of London Bailiffs Ltd remember our fallen heroes.

London in the fog

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd working 0600 to 2200 daily across London.
An Aerial Photograph of London in the fog 2nd November 2015.

Process Serving Section 21 Notices

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd Kent Branch have extended the concession fee period on all Section 21 notices served in the area for only £40.00 + Vat until January 2016.

Statement by HMCTS

The Ministry of Justice has re-considered its intention to outsource the collection of court fines to a single supplier. 

In a written statement by Shailesh Vara the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice, Minister for the Courts and Legal Aid, said: "In the last financial year HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) collected over £550m of fines, other financial impositions, fixed penalties and orders, and that money has helped to fund vital services for taxpayers.  

"Following re-consideration of the department’s requirements, we have decided that outsourcing these services to a single supplier is not the best option for HM Courts and Tribunals Service. This decision is based on the need to ensure that any contract we let completely meets our requirements, provides best value for the taxpayer and complies with procurement law. 

"Ministers have set out the importance of reforming HMCTS to provide a modern and efficient service for society. Improving compliance and enforcement services will continue to form a key part of that work. We believe that in house modernization is the best option for HMCTS."

We say: Well it's taken HMCTS far too long to re-consider it's very poor collection rate of under 7% as, an efficient service. Under staffed and poorly trained personnel along with the lack of investment is the main issue to overcome. 

Protecting your Company against fraud

Most common fraud
Application fraud. 
Scammers file false documents at Companies House aiming to improve their credit rating.
Impersonation fraud. 
The use of fake identity of another person in order to obtain goods/money.
Long firm fraud
Scammers set up a business to in order to obtain monies via fraudulent means.
How can companies protect themselves?
Best advice being, always check out the company you are dealing with. The Internet provides access to information regarding each company.
Ten rules to make sure you are not the next corporate fraud victim.
1. Companies House store public files but, do not have any investigatory authority.
2. Verify all information given to you by a company.
3. Be aware of all communication via Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts.
4. Make sure the company's address is not a virtual office.
5. Check the VAT number is valid.
6. Check out the company's website reveals all contact information correctly.
7. Be aware of any company using a residential address for ant form of mail order.
8. Be aware of newly formed companies via holding companies.
9. Never place an order without checking any Internet reviews about such company.
10. Use more than one form of contact. Postal, Email or Telephone.

New Contact Numbers

Tel: 0800 999 2022  General Inquiries and Advice.
Tel: 0207 118 6999  London Matters.
Tel: 0189 251 8814  Kent, Sussex and Surrey Matters.

Benefit Cheats

No one likes a benefit cheat!
If you are currently having difficulties with a benefit cheat i.e serving documents, debt related matters or Tenant dispute then please, contact us. We are currently filming with ITV and Jeremy Kyle on such matters and would like to hear from you with a view to filming on location in regard to such matter.

Jeremy Kyle Series Two

A great time in Norfolk last night filming with Jeremy Kyle and his team. The man is a legend! Just a pity he is a bloody Hammer though.

Foreign Process

The City of London Bailiffs Process Servers assure all foreign process undertaken is served to the correct procedures of every country's judicial requirements. Serving London businesses and residential Respondents accurately on a daily basis every time. 


Process Serving in the Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas.
ONLY £40.00 + Vat. 
[Offer ends 31st October 2015]
Tel:Sarah 01892 518814

Kent & Sussex Office details

Our New office in Tunbridge Wells. 
Contact us on: 01892 518814.

New Kent branch office now open

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd & Private Investigation Bureau of London are proud to announce the opening of our new offices at 98 London Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0PW. Bailiff services, Process Serving, Commercial Rent Collection/Possession, Investigations, Surveillance teams, Tracing, Inventories and all other services available via this offfice.

Bailiffs Kent Branch

We have now re-located our Kent and Sussex Branches of Bailiffs, Process Servers, Debt Collectors and Investigators to new offices at 98 London Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0PW. Pop in and say hello! Always a kettle on and biscuits at hand.

The City of London Business card

Special Offer

Special offer throughout May 2015:
All tracing of missing persons ONLY £25.00 + Vat
"No Find No Fee".
Results within hours, searching 94 data bases.

New Member of Staff

The City of London Bailiffs are delighted to have captured the services of graduated law student Kelsey Leigh Gardiner. Kelsey joined our Bailiffs office team based in Bromley on the 26/03/2015 and is already proving to be a major asset to the company.

Check out our new debt collection service

Please check out our new debt collection service guaranteeing the Creditor 100% plus of the debt value on collection.

Access Denied

Never on this site.

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd never denying access to Justice.

Bailiffs attacked

He is usually the one with the balls.

London Landlords special offer

March 2015 Special offer

Section 21 Notices served to any London Postcode.

Only £50.00 + Vat

Full service including professionally produced affidavit [As standard].

New DX Location

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd have now relocated their DX Box.
Old DX 122234 Upper Islington Exchange.
New DX 117607 Bromley 7 Exchange.

Image of The City of London Bailiffs Ltd DX 117607 Bromley 7 Exchange.


Squatters save the British Tax payers £40,000,000 a year in Housing Benefit Payments.

Bailiff 007

Does James Bond work for the City of London Bailiffs Ltd in London? No comment.

Image of media reports of Bailiffs living the James Bond lifestyle in London.

The importance of getting it right.

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd will now check a draft copy of your notice before service. Section 21 Notices and Statutory Demands require precision completion before service, our highly trained staff will check all documents before service, amending any mistakes to the draft copy.  

Divorce Petitions January 2015

January 2015 has been a manic month for our Process Servers serving Divorce Petitions throughout London, with this period being 160% up on other months.

Process Servers for London

Despite the recent hike on the Travel Card fares for London, the City of London Bailiffs process service will remain at the same rates. Central London congestion charge area fixed rate at £58.90, other London postcodes £63.90 and Greater London postcodes at £68.90 all being subject to Vat. Our reluctance to rise our fees accordingly is due to the counter effect of petrol price reductions on our overall expenditure.

London Underground 1915

Charing Cross Underground station 1915. 
We just like the picture.
Charing Cross Underground Station 2015. Only the fixtures have changed.

Sad loss

Judge Wilkinson R.I.P
We are all very sadden by the sudden passing of a true gentleman and the fairest Judge in the land.
Judge Wilkinson was a good friend of the City of London Bailiffs and our staff, especially our account manager Christine who had previously work with the Judge for over 20 years at Bromley County Court.
Our thoughts go out to John Wilkinson's family.


These two images say a lot about our country's leadership. Somehow the two images do have an adverse link.
Image of Westminster Council's proposed new garden bridge across the river Thames.Image of an ex forces British Soldier now homeless and living in a tent.

As, Westminster Council gets the green light for the development of a new garden bridge across the river Thames, some of our British ex-forces are homeless and living in tents.

Helpful Tips

We are currently devising a new page on our website to help and assist our viewers with various forms of action. We shall be adding new content to this topic on a regular basis and have already listed a few essential tips. Please, check in every now and then to be updated on matters that may be very beneficial to yourself and your associates.
Thank you.

County Court Xmas Amnesty

The County Court Xmas amnesty on all Possessions is from the 18 of December 2014 through to, 4 January 2015.
Image of County Court application for possession.
Image of County Court Notice of Possession.

Trevor's Guardian Angel

Caught on Camera! Trevor's Guardian angel in her usual pose.

Image of Trevor McMaster's Guardian angel. Bailiff manager of The City of London Bailiffs Ltd. London.

Process Serving

Some Respondents really do try and make an ass out of us by, being super evasive. We always hunt them down and successfully serve, no matter where they try to hide and in what guises they portray.

Image of Donkey attempting to evade personal service of documents from the City of London Bailiffs Process Servers.

TV Interview

Our Managing Director Trevor McMaster expressed his views in front of the TV cameras this morning, regarding the ever increasing matters of Non-Molestation Orders being issued due to threats to applicants via Social Media and mobile phone texts.

Poppy Day London

Wearing our poppies with pride in London.

Image of poppy London where The City of London Bailiffs wear their poppies with pride and respect for our fallen heroes.


Happy Diwali and happy New Year to British Hindus and everyone around the world celebrating the festival of lights.

Image of the festival of lights. The City of London Bailiffs wish all our Hindu friends a very happy Diwali.

Well done Samantha! Great article.

The City of London Bailiffs would like to thank Samantha Grix of Devonshires Solicitors for allowing us to share this very interesting article.
Please click this link, you will be very enthralled. 


We have all been here! 
Image of The City of London Bailiffs Ltd. The Company that will not leave you hanging around.

Identifying Vulnerabilities.

The City of London Bailiffs & Private Investigation Bureau of London are fully aware of invisible disabilities within the ever increasing vulnerable society in which we all exist. In circumstances where an agent of The City of London Bailiffs suspects a Debtor/Defendant is unable to cohere with the matter in question, our agents will walk away and report the situation to their manager who will then notify the Creditor/Claimant of our concerns.  
Image of invisible disability. The City of London Bailiffs acknowledge all precautions in attempting to identify such disabilities and to address each encounter with the utmost respect and consideration.

Typical Cockney!

The typical Cockney attire! 
If wearing brown daisies, grey almonds, white Alans, black Lionels & whistle, white Dickie Dirt, striped Ascots, red Peckham and black leather turtles.
No man from C&A ever looked so dashing.
Image of pearly king not an attire commonly worn by the City of London Bailiffs.

The City of London Bailiffs Care Scheme

The City of London Bailiffs have set a new rate for Process Serving documents across London on behalf of all social services cases. The new rate is fixed at £50.00 + Vat with normal procedures taking priority. The City of London Bailiffs are proud to put their services to maximum use with lower cost on behalf of the local and district authorities.

Image of Social Services Local Authority documents served by The City of London Bailiffs at the fixed rate of £50.00 + Vat.

Debt Recovery

Due to a very high influx of recent debt related cases, the City of London Bailiffs will not be activating any further new client debt recovery accounts during the last two weeks of September 2014. This is also due to the unforeseen shortage of staff due to illness and other ongoing work commitments. New Creditors accounts will commence again as from 2nd day of October 2014. Thank you.

Rev Ian Paisley R.I.P

Image of the late Ian Paisley. Respect from The City of London Bailiffs.

Rest in peace friend.

Bailiffs Office Sunday Evening opening times

The City of London Bailiffs office is now open every Sunday evening from 1800 - 2200 GMT. If you require documents serving first thing on Monday morning and have missed the Friday deadlines, now is your chance to still get the service without delay. All documents received within our Sunday evening opening hours are guaranteed service from 0600 hours the following morning. 
The standard fixed fees apply to all services received on any Sunday evening. 
All other services we provide can also be appointed during our Sunday evening opening hours. 
Image of sign depicting the City of London Bailiffs Sunday opening times. Process serving, Surveillance, Professional Witnessing, Investigations, Possessions and others service available for appointments.

High Court Applications Submitted on your behalf

The City of London Bailiffs now pay all Court Application fees to the value of £450.00 on submission of our client's claim. Cost for submitting an application at any London County Court or the High Court remains at £55.00 + Vat, plus the application fee if paid directly from our account. Collection of documents is Free from any Central London Location, other areas are charged accordingly. 

Image of the Royal Courts of Justice Rolls building where the City of London Bailiffs Frequently submit Court applications on behalf of our clients.

Celebrity Process Serving

The City of London Process servers love nothing better than serving documents on celebrity status Respondents.

The "A" list of celebrities that we have served to date:
Image of a Gotcha award. The City of London Bailiffs Process Servers successfully serving celebrity Respondents.4 Premier league Footballers                                                  
2 Soap stars
2 Restaurant Owners/Chefs
1 Music Producer
1 Radio DJ
3 Musicians/Singers
1 TV Presenter
2 Cat walk models
2 Movie stars
3 Other sports stars
1 Reality TV star

Sorry! Their names cannot be revealed it's private & very confidential.

London Based Companies

When taking actions against a London based company or company director, it is strongly recommended that you check that the registered address is actually a trading address. Over recent years many companies have listed a registered address that is merely a registered office at their Accountants, a mailing office, a virtual office, a formation company or a management/secretarial service. In these cases the Creditor, Claimant, Applicant or Petitioner is simply wasting their money in taking any actions against them as the matter will be returned as non-enforceable or unable to meet.
The City of London Bailiffs have been very busy providing worldwide companies with an address checking service, where a visit at the given address is undertaken and a witness statement supporting our findings is supplied. This procedure can then ensures our client that any intended actions can be confidently applied. In the many cases where the company's address is not a trading address or manned office, the City of London Bailiffs can investigate for an alternative address or trace the residential addresses of the company Directors. These checks are vital when proceeding with Statutory Demands, Judgment Orders or any other matters against a company or it's Directors.

Image of London Virtual Office where so many Creditors, Applicants, Claimants and Petitioners full foul to money wasting procedures against companies and company Directors operating from non trading addresses.


County Court Eviction delays

The current delays in County Court possessions within the London courts is at an all time high with most Courts currently operating with 2-4 Bailiffs short. A former HMCTS Bailiff and I, have offered our services for two days a week to help with the current backlog. HMCTS have directly declined our offer stating that, if we wish to work for HMCTS again, then we must enrol with Brook Street Employment Agencies and wait for an available position to arise. 

Unlawful eviction

At a hearing on 9/11/2012 at Willesden County Court, a landlord was ordered to pay a total of £20,000.00 in compensation (plus costs) for illegally evicting his tenant.
The tenant, was evicted from his Kilburn home in September 2011. He
came home to find that the locks on the front door of his home had been changed and his belongings left in plastic bags outside the front door.

A friendly reminder to all residential Landlords: 
This case was back in 2012, the penalty today for an illegal eviction can be even greater. Our advice is clear! Always use the County Court possession procedures.
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