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County Court Eviction delays

The current delays in County Court possessions within the London courts is at an all time high with most Courts currently operating with 2-4 Bailiffs short. A former HMCTS Bailiff and I, have offered our services for two days a week to help with the current backlog. HMCTS have directly declined our offer stating that, if we wish to work for HMCTS again, then we must enrol with Brook Street Employment Agencies and wait for an available position to arise. 

Unlawful eviction

At a hearing on 9/11/2012 at Willesden County Court, a landlord was ordered to pay a total of £20,000.00 in compensation (plus costs) for illegally evicting his tenant.
The tenant, was evicted from his Kilburn home in September 2011. He
came home to find that the locks on the front door of his home had been changed and his belongings left in plastic bags outside the front door.

A friendly reminder to all residential Landlords: 
This case was back in 2012, the penalty today for an illegal eviction can be even greater. Our advice is clear! Always use the County Court possession procedures.

Brighton races

Some of us enjoyed a well deserved break at the Brighton Races courtesy of our friendly Bookmakers Choice Bet. A healthy day of fresh seaside air to clear the lungs of the London choke.
Image of our The City of London Bailiffs hosts at the Brighton races.Image of The City of London Bailiffs Trevor McMaster and ChoiceBET's Managing Director Julian Head.Image of The City of London Bailiffs Office Manager Christine.

Big increase in commercial possessions.

The City of London Bailiffs have seen a big rise in the amount of commercial premises being re-possessed due to large outstanding rent arrears. Due to this fact the City of London Bailiffs have reduced our fixed rate for Forfeiture of lease possessions to a special rate of £150.00 + Vat, until the first day of September 2014. This special rate is now on average 50% less than our competitors currently offer. 
Image of re-possessed property under section 146 of the property Act conducted by The City of London Bailiffs.

Easy Gypsy evictions.

Gypsies driven out of a Belgian town after a DJ blasts out 
Dire Straits' 'Sultans of Swing' at them
  • 30 caravans had amassed at a site in Landen, Belgium.
  • The Town's mayor hired a DJ to blast rock music at them.
  • The Gypsies could not take any more and left to find some peace elsewhere.

Image of Gypsy site soon to be evicted leaving them in Dire Straits.Image of DJ warrant of possession evicting Gypsies from site.Image of best Bailiff material for evicting Gypsies. Dire Straits Warrant of Possession


La ville de Londres les huissiers français limité services d'huissier disponibles à Londres. Nouveau laisser location Inventaires et contrôles propriété.

Same game different name! 
To us Bailiffs? It is still plain olde English "Bailiffs".
Enforcement is a title best associated with the Police force.
Image of Enforcement Officer as we Bailiffs know it.

Legal Aid Process Servers Rate

We have recently seen the Legal Aid hourly rate drop to an all time low to £18.40 per hour. This rate has not deterred The City of London Process Servers from providing and maintaining a quality Legal Aid document serving service. It has reduced our Legal Aid process serving invoices to total an average of £54.00 per service. The City of London Bailiffs process servers are happy to assist all Legal Aided Claimants in their quest for prompt and accurate service at all times.  

Judge requests Respondent's description.

A London District Judge has requested a description of a Respondent but, how accurate can we be?

Age: Sometimes it is impossible to get within 10 years of a person's age.
Weight: Never easy to guess within 2 stone.
Race: Surely to be 100% correct, you would need to be an expert in this field.
Hair: Long or short, blonde or black, peoples appearances can change from day to day, we may well serve a lady with long blonde hair one day, who then appears in front of the Judge with short black hair a month later.
Height: This is probably the easiest to get correct.
Sex: Not a problem.
Glasses: Again difficult as, the Respondent may only wear glasses to read the document served.

The City of London Process Servers now request a Photograph of the Respondent to attach a copy to an affidavit as, EXHIBIT "B" or a description given by the Applicant, Petitioner, Claimant, Creditor or Landlord in order to be confirmed by the Process Server as, the Respondent served.

If you ask a person for their name and it is confirmed as the Respondent, then surely that is the best reason to serve that person with the documents whose name is listed as the Respondent.

Image of London Process servers accurate description of Respondents by Judge's request.


Social Media

Find out the latest news and opinions via are Twitter accounts; T McMaster; Clare West; @DocumentsServed; @BailiffsOffice and remember to look out for our special daily, weekly and monthly discounts.

Come on England

The World Cup 2014 is now upon us, "Come on England" will be spouted out across the nation by millions in pubs, streets and sitting rooms. What chance do we have of lifting the cup? It is fair to say that, the winners should come from either Spain, Germany, Argentina or the host Brazil but, "Come on England" we can win it, some Dunkirk spirit, some Rooney magic and a little luck is all that is required.

Image of the world cup, our Bailiffs, Process Servers, Investigators and office staff our singing for England.


Divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation petition

It has come to our attention that many divorce petition documents we are receiving do not contain the acknowledge of service sheet. This error is something we have alerted the County Courts to this issue, so please ensure that when receiving the petition documents from the court that, the acknowledge of service is attached, if not the Respondent we not be able to sign, and the divorce will not go through.

DX document exchange

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd now provide a document exchange postal service. Address DX 122234 Upper Islington, please confirm despatch of documents via Email, we will then confirm receipt of documents to your Email. Clients can now also, use this box at the Borough Council of Islington, Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2UD as a local drop off point for documents for service.

Gatwick diamond process serving

Gatwick diamond area process serving from our Horsham office at the same fixed rate as our London service. All documents served with accelerated action as priority with same day personal service. Calling times 0600-2200 hours. 
Image of Gatwick diamond area now covered by the City of London Bailiffs process servers.

Secure delivery

Document deliveries via Royal Mail are really letting us down at present therefore, we have now submitted our application for a DX service. We intend to announce our DX number within the next few days.

Image of DX document exchange now being used by The City of London Bailiffs & Private Investigation Bureau of London.

Another late night rush collecting documents from London Courts

It seems that, every Thursday and Friday there is a manic late rush for our process servers to collect documents for service from the Courts. Judge's steps, directions and orders issued after late sittings appears to be a normal event of late, shame about the traffic and mass computer surges getting in our way. However, we still serve up to 22:00 hours and start again at 06:15 hours during British summer time. 

Image of process servers serving statutory demands, section 21 notices, Witness summons and other documents throughout London.Image of the City of London Bailiffs process servers serving divorce petitions, non molestation orders and other notices in London.Image of London process servers of the city of London Bailiffs serving all Respondents documents from the Courts, Landlords, Creditors, Solicitors and the general public with rapid response procedures.

Fixed rate legal aid process serving

The City of London Bailiffs London process servers accept all legal aid cases at a fixed rate of £54.00 + Vat. The invoice for service is clearly detailed to include two hours at, the London Process servers rate of £23.00 per hour, plus £9.00 expenses, total £54.00 + Vat. Our invoices are known to the Legal aid expense claim department and are always accepted without question.  
Image of Legal aid, process serving rate for London process servers £23.00 is detailed on all city of London Bailiffs invoices for service of documents in London.

City of London process servers

Image of Court document served by city of London process Servers.

Man gets fifteen years for shooting Bailiff

The man who shot a Court Bailiff in Brixton got a fifteen year prison sentence today.  Andrew Stephenson, aged 49 of, Strathleven Road, London SW2 was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court today, Friday 16 May. 

If this accident had happen two years earlier it would have been me who would have been shot as, I was the Brixton eviction Bailiff who would have executed the warrant of possession in that area. This was an isolated incident and to be fair to the people of Brixton, I never encountered this kind of incident during my two years there as a Lambeth County Court Bailiff. 

Brixton is a great place with good people, sadly some observers are blighted by this fact due to the stigma still associated to the Brixton riots. 

Image of Brixton Village. The City of London Bailiffs operate all services in the Lambeth borough.


London airports process serving

New fixed rate process serving at, Gatwick, Heathrow and City airports: £83.90 + Vat.
Inclusive of all waiting time, mileage cost, car parking fee, sworn affidavit and return.
Serving documents on Respondents at all departure and arrival terminals.
Image of process serving of documents at all London airport terminals.

Tracing service

The City of London Bailiffs, have a proven record in finding missing persons. 
Finding missing pets is proving just as successful.
Image of missing cat, the City of London Bailiffs tracing service has a very successful proven record in locating the whereabouts of missing people too.

Family Court documents

Process serving of Family matters court documents

A Judge at, Edmonton County Court has requested that, process servers attempt up to eight visits on a Respondent's address to serve Court documents concerning family matters. Substituted service will not be granted until eight attempts have been made and detailed in the process server's affidavit (Non service). The City of London Bailiffs, adhere by this ruling and will now implement an eight visit maximum on all Respondent's given addresses, regarding family matters, if required. 
Image of the Principal Registry of the Family Division, all family matters court documents will now be served with up to eight visits from our process servers.

Business Development Manager announced

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd & Private Investigation Bureau of London are very proud to announce and welcome, Clare West to our Organisation. Clare is a Business Development Manager with an excellent proven record and vast experience. Clare had been on our radar for over nine months and finally, succumbed to our persistant lures to gain her services at, The City of London Bailiffs in  April 2014.
Image of Clare West, Business Development at The City of London Bailiffs Ltd.

Process Serving for London

Process serving of all documents: Witness Statements
County Court matters: Sworn in before an officer of the court by appointment.
High court matters: Sworn in at the RCJ. Fee £11.00 Affidavit + £2.00 per Exhibit.
Landlord Notices: Section 8, 13, 21 Notices. Affidavit sworn before a Solicitor.
Solicitor's letters: Witness statement.
Foreign process documents: Sworn in before a Solicitor or at the county's Embassy in London if requested. Fee's for Embassy notary's vary.
Statutory Demands: Sworn before a Solicitor.
Crown Court matters: Sworn in before a Solicitor.
PRFD Cases: Now, sworn before a Solicitor.
General Notices Displayed: Planning application, alcohol license application etc. All all supported by a Witness Statement.


Who coshed Lucy Beale....No doubt someone will blame us!
Image of Lucy, the City of London Bailiffs cover all areas of East London, process serving for East London.

St George's day

St George's day 23 April.
Image of flag of St George. St George's day recognised by the City of London Bailiffs process servers for London.

New photographs

The City of London Bailiffs have commissioned the budding Photographer "Stumpy" to supply photographic images on this site. All rights permitted to The City of London Bailiffs Ltd only. We hope you enjoy the pictures displayed and look forward to regular new works of art being added .

Serving Respondents at London Airports.

Process Servers constantly outwitting Respondents on a daily basis, no matter where they may be.Serving papers on Respondents arriving at Gatwick, Heathrow or City airport is always easy when standing behind the driver with the Respondent's name on his board. I always carry my own board in case there is no driver waiting, gets them every time. One Step ahead Process servers!

April Special Offers

London process servers serving documents throughout London to maximum successful service.Central London Process serving of documents only £50.00 + Vat throughout the month of April 2014.
This fixed fee includes, up to four visits on the Respondent, local collection of documents, sworn affidavit, witness statement or certificate of service and return postage.

Debt Recovery London

Debt recovery services for every kind of business and profession, outstanding invoices over £500.00 accepted.
Doctors, Dentist and Vets.

The City of London Bailiffs have seen a large increase in the amount of debt accounts received in recent weeks from Vets, Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons across London. It may well be a case of the fee dodging patients taking a turn for the worse now that Bailiffs will be knocking on their front doors.
This situation certainly gives a new meaning to the term "recovery period".  

Collection of documents from London County Courts

Judges recommend City of London Bailiffs Ltd Process serving.

County court collection of documents to be served on Respondents across London.The City of London Bailiffs Ltd Process service gets London Judges approval as a five star service. Collection from any London address for instant personal service on the Respondent in rapid time. Judges approval of all sworn affidavits assured without question or explanation. At £58.90 + Vat, service includes collection of documents, up to 4 attempts of service between the hours of 06:00 - 22:00 hours, sworn affidavit at a London county court, professional production of affidavit/exhibits and instant return. 

Court applications submitted.

The Royal Courts of Justice London. Applications submitted on your behalf by the City of London Bailiffs Ltd. Tel 0800 999 2022Submitting your Application at The RCJ
The City of London Bailiffs Ltd High Court Application service ensures a secure cost effective means of submitting Applications on your behalf. A fee of £55.00 + Vat is a fixed standard rate for service, the court fee for submitting the Application if under £100.00 can be paid by the Bailiff and added to the Applicants invoice. 

Application Fees of over £100.00 must be paid prior to submitting the Application or payable by the applicant in the form of a cheque attached to the Application.

Lee Rigby murder.

Image of respect acknowledged by the City of London Bailiffs in the sad loss of life of a lone Soldier. Lee Rigby R.I.P.Lee Rigby murderers to serve life in prison!
Did they really expect to be released at some time?
Should our British Justice system apply life meaning life as a statutory sentence?
Should we adopt an American style, stronger sentencing system?

Bromley County Court counter closure.

Image of good idea to close the County Court Counters, affidavits sworn in on appointment only suits the City of London Bailiffs and saves time.As from 3 March 2014 Bromley County Court like many other London County Courts closes it's public counter. As far as we are concerned this is a good move by HMCTS.
The time spent in the queue of time wasters who don't read the correct forms correctly, can't fill in the forms correctly and those who just want free legal advice, has wasted hours of our time and others.
Appointments only! Very much welcomed and not a problem as demonstrated by Lambeth County Court only last year. Simply! Just pick up the phone and make an appointment at a time that suits you.
Well done HMCTS.

Go Compare!

Image of Divorce papers from the County Court to be served upon the Respondent.The City of London Bailiffs charge Applicants from Bromley County Court the central London fixed rate process serving fee of £58.90 + Vat.
It has been brought to our attention by some of our clients that, our four main competitors are charging £105.00 + Vat, £100.00 + Vat, £95.00 + Vat and £85.00 + Vat, with all four competitors are offering up to three visits on the Respondent where as, we will attempt up to four visits. 
Please always shop around for the right service at the right cost by the right people.

Dave Killon on the telly again!

Image of TV programme starring City of London Bailiff Dave Killon 4 times in early 2014.Dave Killon on the telly again!
The Alan Titchmarsh show 15:00hrs on the 21st of January 2014.

Gatwick, Crawley and Horsham Bailiff Service

Image of The City of London Bailiffs, London Process serving fixed rates.The City of London Bailiffs Ltd now operate all services within the Gatwick, Crawley and Horsham areas. Process serving for Gatwick, Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas is at the fixed fee of £68.90 + Vat, this includes up to four visits on the Respondent's given address, sworn affidavit and return postage.
Debt collection in the Gatwick, Crawley and Horsham areas is charged as same as our London service. Commercial possession, forfeiture of lease is at the fixed rate of £196.00 + Vat.
All other Bailiff and Investigative services in the Gatwick, Crawley and Horsham areas are charged at our London rates.  

Getting the right Solicitor

It really does beggar belief!
The amount of people who instruct a Solicitor to act on their behalf in matters far beyond the appointed Solicitor's field of expertise and, the amount of Solicitors who try and bluff their way through these matters.
We have recently seen a case where, an immigration Solicitor had taken on a Tenant versus Landlord matter and completely confused the Tenants Act with the Law of Property Act, a complete waste of everybody's time and money.
A good Solicitor will point you in the right direction via a referral or recommendation of a fellow professional in the required field. A bad Solicitor will attempt to bluff his/her way throughout, usually referring to written references of similar past case studies or, consulting the Internet (Not advisable as, the chances of the same Judge under the same circumstances is slimmer than a Postcard from the moon).  

Xmas and the New Years Process serving

Over the Christmas period we saw a huge increase for service of Non Molestation Orders and prohibited steps under the Children Act, with some Orders coming in late on Christmas Eve for immediate service. Previous January's have always been the busiest month of the year for service of Divorce petitions across the London Boroughs, a trend expected to be repeated again for 2014. 

Callers numbers with held blocked

Due to a recent spate of threatening telephone calls to our staff, the City of London Bailiffs Ltd have now blocked all callers who with hold their contact telephone numbers.
All calls are now monitored and recorded for security purposes.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our genuine callers.
The City of London Bailiffs will not tolerate any cowardly threats from persons who waste our time or do not have the courage to express themselves face to face.
To the persons who have been making these cowardly threats, we are happy to assist you with your intentions at your chosen time and location.
Thank you.

Emergency service of documents over Xmas

The City of London Bailiffs Ltd Christmas services and availabitity.
Our Process Servers are available throughout the Xmas period 24/7. County Court Orders and emergency service of important Judges steps/directions collected and served at any London location within 2 hours instructions. 0800 999 2022 or Call our Bailiff Manager direct on 07508 707 016.
Emergency safe house escorting and professional witnessing will also be fully covered throughout the festive holidays.
Debt Recovery will cease from 21st December 2013 and commence again on the 3rd January 2014, as in respect of the County Court amnesty during this period.
Commercial rent collection and Forfeiture of lease will cease on the 22nd December 2013 and commence again as from the 27th December 2013. 
Surveillance over the Xmas period will only be available with 48 hours prior notice given.
All other services are subject to our clients requirements during the festive holiday period.
Image of Xmas Holly shown by The City of London Bailiffs Ltd & Private Investigation Bureau of London Xmas Services Blog page.

Existing Client's concession for 2014

The City of London Bailiffs & Private Investigation Bureau are offering our 2013 clients the following concessions for the whole of 2014:
All London process serving fixed rate £55.00 + Vat.
All London Possession of Commercial premises £165.00 + Vat.
Plus, if it snows on Xmas day an extra 10% discount throughout the month of January 2014.

London Markets

The City of London Bailiffs work on behalf of indoor and outdoor market management companies including Covent Garden and Smithfields, collection of rent, disdain and possession are within our jurisdiction of services executed.

Easy Peasy

It is easy to shred peas but, you try eating them with chopsticks!
Fork in hell, that's how it can be with the civil law process of England and Wales. You can also, usually guarantee that, when you sit down to eat them peas, they will be cold.
Promises, delays, excuses, cost on costs, no urgency, no priority and no understanding all add to a recipe of frustration and despair, enough to pea you right off.
If you can relate to any experience regarding the above issues and emotions, then welcome to a fresher approach by Bailiffs who know how to exceed all expectations. The difference being, we take full accountability for our actions and will not beat the issue around the bush or flog you off with idle excuses.
We are business people working on your behalf on our business.

HMCTS Petty France Leaving do.

We would like to say a big thank you to Tina Futcher-Smith for inviting Trevor and I, to her Leaving do at HMCTS Petty France. Tina and I, have worked together for many years at Bromley County Court and Tina has also trained Trevor (As if he could ever be trained) on HMCTS training days. We wish Tina well and a happy future in her new profession, I am sure we will continue to stay in touch.
All the best Tina
Christine McMaster

Tenant Abandonment

With the increase in rents and the cost of living outstripping many incomes; there are more and more tenants defaulting on their rent payments and some, not all, choose to just leave rather than try and deal with the matter.

According to legal information provider Sweet & Maxwell, tenant evictions for landlord repossession have risen to 36,177 for the year to the end of June 2013, up from 33,199 in the 2011/12 via The Telegraph.

Tenant Abandonment is when a tenant leaves the property before the term of tenancy has ended and is a major problem for many landlords.

Lets be clear; whatever your thoughts and feeling are on the matter, the tenant still retains a legal tenancy and has the right to return and demand to take up residence at any time, even if they have defaulted on their rental payments!

To be able to take back an abandoned property is a difficult process and remains a grey area in regards to the legalities so landlords need to exercise a great deal of caution and ALWAYS take proper legal advice before taking any action!

So what do landlords need to be aware of?

Under Section 1 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, it is a criminal offence to unlawfully evict a residential occupier from rental premises without first obtaining one of the following:
voluntary surrender by the tenant - in writing is preferable, but there are circumstances where the surrender of keys is sufficient an eviction date obtained via a warrant of possession that had been lawfully obtained by due process.

There are some difficult decisions to make whether you are a landlord or the letting agent and the very first questions that need to be explored are:

1. What legal right has the landlord or agent got to re-enter the property?

2. If it is very obvious that the tenant has left for good, can the property be re-let?

3. What should happen to any of the tenant’s possessions which may have been left behind?

4. What would be the consequences if the property is re-let and the tenant returns?

The tenant could bring a civil claim for damages against the landlord, so it is worthwhile getting it right so that you don't end up with an even bigger bill.

Shoesmiths Access Legal Guide to abandonment suggest that the landlord / letting agent should:

Speak to the referees.

At the outset of the tenancy, references would have been taken. Speak to all those who provided them to find out if they are aware of the tenant's whereabouts. Are they still at their place of employment? Take notes of the time, date, and person you spoke to. Remember: you are laying a paper trail for use at a later date, if required.

Speak to the utility companies.

You may find that they are unwilling to give you any information, but if you style your questions correctly, you may be able to find out enough to help you make your decision. For instance, try just asking 'Yes' or 'No' questions, such as: "Is this person still registered as being responsible for the electric/gas/council tax at this property?" Again, take notes for your paper trail.

Speak to the neighbours.

Have they spoken to the tenants or seen them recently? Have they mentioned an imminent move? Is there any evidence of removal vans at the property? Take notes for your paper trail.

Once you have made these enquiries, you can turn your attention to the property itself.

Inside the property.

The condition of the interior of the property will help you make your decision, but the first thing you must do is gain entry.

Commercial Landlord issues

The City of London Bailiffs provide the commercial Landlord with full assistance regarding bad tenant matters that require immediate attention. Collection of outstanding commercial rent arrears will warrant a visit from our Bailiffs without prior notice to the tenant or an arranged appointment. If the tenant is unwilling to settle the arrears, we will advise the Landlord the best actions to be taken. These actions usually lead to an immediate disdain of goods or possession of the property within the next twelve hours. Locksmith, security and keyholding services following possession are provided by The City of London Bailiffs, Re-entry
by the tenant once the arrears are settled or to collect their goods is also conducted by our Bailiffs.

Motor dealerships beware of SE5 scam.

We have recently exposed a ring of fraudsters in the London SE5 area.
How they do it.
Fairly simple and effective, they purchase a vehicle from an out of London motor trader paying by credit card, then have the vehicle delivered to a SE5 address which is always a block of flats. Once the car has been delivered, a few days later the credit card company are informed by the card holder that, the transaction was not authorised, the money is then withdrawn from the motor trader's account 14 days later.
Of course, when the motor trader investigates the address given, it turns out that the purchaser of the vehicle is not known at this address and the vehicle purchased is no where to be seen.
How to prevent this happening to you.
Again, a simple way is to check that the purchaser is who he claims and where he claims he lives, is to check on that the address matches the purchaser's name.
A copy of the purchaser's driving license or passport can also be requested before delivery can take place.
Finally, without drawing too much attention!
The fraudsters tend to buy vehicles that, are in the region of 8 or 9 years old, from motor dealers in the north of England, for around £2,500 and in the form of standard silver hatchbacks (Toyota Corrolla's in particular). 

Bournemouth City of London Bailiffs

Bournemouth - Portsmouth - Southampton Bailiffs, process servers, private investigators, surveillance, professional witness, tracing, debt collection, commercial rent collections, possession, inventory specialist, HMCTS applications, county court possession attendance, drug detection services and much more. Now provided by The City of London Bailiffs accelerated services.
Fixed rate services you can afford and trust.
Tel: 0800 999 20 22
Image of Bournemouth Bailiff services provided by The City of London Bailiffs Ltd.Image of Portsmouth Process Serving fixed rate provided by The City of London Bailiffs.Image of Southampton Private Investigations provided by The City of London Bailiffs Private Investigation Bureau of London.
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