The City Of London Bailiffs - Terms and Conditions
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General terms and conditions
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 Effective from 1st May 2012
The City of London Bailiffs only and at all times work within the laws of England and Wales.
The City of London Bailiffs will not be held libel for incorrect, false or misleading information received from our client, under the law of informed consent.
Where the information is correct The City of London Bailiffs will take full responsibility for all actions taken by our staff and agents, in all matters of conduct, procedure, data protection and requirements as set by, the laws of England and Wales.
In cases of possession of commercial premises under forfeiture of lease, where incorrect information has been supplied and possession therefore not taken, a Bailiff in attendance fee of £75.00, with a further £90.00 locksmith in attendance fee and an out of London mileage rate (if applicable) will all be chargeable to the claimant.
The City of London Bailiffs are fully aware of risk assessment procedures regarding health and safety, and reserve the rights to comply with such regulations.
In a situation where a City of London Bailiffs employee is faced with an on site health and safety issue, it is then the responsibility of the claimant to amend such issues at his/her cost. Experience of such events, as follows:
Unsafe building structure (removed or rotten floor boards/stairs), disused needles (drug dens), flooded basements, gas leaks, cannabis farms (booby trapped doors), and animals.
Whilst our staff remain flexible and most helpful, health and safety issues are taken very seriously and shall remain at the forefront of all risk assessments.
The City of London Bailiffs are fully aware of vulnerabilities within our society and will act accordingly within the government guidelines.
A vulnerable person is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness; and who is or maybe unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.
Complaints received regarding all matters of business conducted by The City of London Bailiffs will be investigated and dealt with accordingly. The City of London Bailiffs will not tolerate any form of misconduct, misguidance or misuse of authority within the terms and conditions of employment.
The term "Standard rate" only applies to locations with an allocated London postcodes.
The term "Our Locksmith" relates to the locksmith contracted by The City of London Bailiffs by prior arrangement to attend and assist, as instructed and in the company of a City of London Bailiffs officer.
The billing of the locksmiths cost is a direct transaction with our client, as set by prior agreement between the client and The City of London Bailiffs.
Any commercial use or distribution of content from this site, without express written consent from The City of London Bailiffs is strictly prohibited.
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