The City Of London Bailiffs - Surveillance services
The Professional Bailiffs and private investigators of London - Offering a cost effective services leading to unparalleled sucess rates, including free debt collection throughout London
Surveillance Services
Professional Witness Specialists 
Image of the London eye, 24/7 surveillance for London is professionally supplied by The City of London Bailiffs Ltd. London Process Servers for London.
The City of London Bailiffs provide a comprehensive professional witness surveillance service for London and the Home counties.
Our covert surveillance vehicles are fully equipped with HD imaging devices, hidden cameras and sound recorders to record any activity 24/7.
Operating on behalf of housing associations, businesses, neighbourhood watch schemes, Insurance companies, Landlords, local authorities, Solicitors, home owners and the general public across the region.
The City of London Bailiffs surveillance officers are wired to covert body mounted image recording devices. These small devices record to a high HD quality in all areas and conditions including, pubs, clubs, shops, parks, offices, arenas, stadia, busy shopping malls and underground transport systems with a range of up to thirty metres. 
The evidence gathered is edited and published on to DVD producing the highest quality sound and vision. A supported written statement or affidavit and written detailed minute by minute report is also supplied.
Our surveillance services are very popular in all aspects of the following issues:
 *Noisy neighbour matters*
 *Internal and external complaints, disputes or allegations*
 *Dispute related issues*
 *False claim justification*
 *Secret affairs and matrimonial divorce settlements*
 *Sick leave and truancy absentees*
 *Asbo and curfew breaches*
 *Life style change of circumstances*
 *Poaching of fisheries and livestock rustling*
 *Vandalism to property and vehicles*
 *Street gang member Identification*
 *Suspicion of participating in Illegal acts*
 *Concerns relating to drug or alcohol abuse*
 And any other form of suspicion where evidence is required.
Anti social behaviour surveillance specialist:
Our covert surveillance vehicles patrol the estates and streets where elements of wrong doings are suspected, filming vital evidence for any future prosecutions.
Costs. Start from £34.50 an hour weekdays.
Weekend and night rates vary.
The City of London Bailiffs covert camera surveillance vans are equipped with high resolution hidden devices, capturing evidence from street level views with 360 degrees panoramic vision. Surveillance investigators patrol on foot with covertly attached devices filming and recording targeted suspect areas.
The Private Investigation Bureau of London employ some of the most experienced investigators in London. Property management services by Bailiffs has it's advantages, The City of London Bailiffs operate a full hands on management service allaying all landlords fears regarding bad tenant issues.
Free collection of all commercial rent throughout all the London postcodes within 24 hrs of instructions.
Professional expert witness service captures compelling evidence in regard to all disputes, complaints and allegations from an non bias third party deponent.
Drug abuse or drug contact concerns and suspicions concluded by The City of London Bailiffs sniffer dog units, identifying any trace of any banned substance within any property.

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