The City Of London Bailiffs - Process Servers
The Professional Bailiffs and private investigators of London - Offering a cost effective services leading to unparalleled sucess rates, including free debt collection throughout London

Process Servers 
(London UK)
Serving London & the South East with priority same day service 
0600-2100 hours Monday-Saturday

Successfully outwitting the most vigilant, evasive & difficult Respondents throughout London on a daily basis.

Retaining the lowest cost fixed rate process serving in
Central London for the fifth year running.
£58.90 + Vat

Image of London Process servers secure document collection.

LSC Approved

Serving more documents, on more Respondents, on behalf of more clients with more urgency for less cost.
Legal Aid London process serving:
London Service. £18.40 per hour (London Rate)
Out of London service. £26.50.

Social Services/Local & District Authorities rates:  
£50.00 + Vat (London) 
£55.00 + Vat (Greater London) 

Bromley County Court process serving:     
Fixed rate £60.00 + Vat.

Central London process serving: 
Fixed rate £58.90 + Vat.
All other London postcodes process serving:
Fixed rate £68.00 + Vat.
Greater London Postcodes [Within the M25]:
Fixed rate £78.00 + Vat.

All London Airport terminals process serving:
Fixed rate £98.00 + Vat (includes, waiting time & car park fee).

Tunbridge Wells,Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and nearby areas.
Fixed rate Only £50.00 + Vat. 

All other areas charged at the outer London LSA rate £26.50 per hour. 
All fixed rate process serving fees include the required, witness statement, affidavit, certificate of service, statement of service, County Court seal or Solicitor's notary seal of oath. 
Photographic evidence where required as, an "Exhibit".
Same day process serving to the Respondent's hand.
Up to eight visits now partaken on all Respondents under Judge's recommendations in all family matters.
Providing a totally reliable cost effective process serving service for London and all areas from Margate to Poole. Ensuring a rapid response assurance with a secure collection of documents from any London location within two hours of instructions received.
Collection of Court documents from any Court or solicitors address within our areas, delivered to any destination within the UK. 
Applications securely submitted at any London Court counter or HMTCS department, on our clients behalf in the strictest of confidence. 
Our hours of service are between 0600 - 2200 hrs six days a week. 
Image of the City of London process servers for London, divorce papers, Non molestation orders, orders to attend court, orders of committal and other family civil matters.
Legal Aid Process Serving
LSC approved.
London congestion
charge area process serving.
Fixed Rate £58.90 +Vat.
Discounts for two or more collections to two or more destinations start from 10%.
Clients requesting postage of affidavit by FED EX or Courier will be required to pay these delivery charges before we dispatch the item. 
Standard Royal Mail rates are covered within our fixed rate fees.
A seventy pence per mile rate is charged on all Respondent's addresses outside our designated areas.
Sworn affidavit [Court or Notary sealed], Certificate of Service or Witness Statement included.

Conduct money on all orders is limited to a maximum of £30.00 paid in cash to the Respondent by, our process servers. Higher amounts to be paid in advance by our clients.
The City of London Bailiffs process servers use varied forms of transport including motorcycles, all have an excellent knowledge of London along with vast experience in serving all types of documents and notices.
Statements and affidavits are completed to the highest standard and returned within 24 hours of service (Subject to County Court appointment availability).
The City of London Bailiffs process servers act at all times with dignified manners, respect and with a full awareness of the data protection act.
The requirements of effective good service will always be executed by our process servers with a full understanding of the importance and urgency in all matters.
Statutory demands, non molestation orders, order to attend court for questioning, divorce papers, section 8 & 21 notices, attachment of earnings, claim forms, general orders, order to attend hearing, bankruptcy demands, foreign papers, European orders, Solicitor's letters and all other personal, civil and family service requirements.

Process serving of documents postal addresses:

DX 117607 Bromley 7 Exchange.

Due to the High Court sworn affidavit fees, High Court cases are charged accordingly to include the current fee charged (£11.00 sworn affidavit + £2.00 per Exhibit).  
US embassy notary seal is charged at the normal fixed rate plus £70.00.
Foreign process requiring a Solicitor's signature to witness the sworn is FREE.
We personally serve documents on prisoners in prisons throughout our areas, please note that this service is subject to obtaining a prison appointment.
There is no extra charge for serving prisoners in person.

The City of London Bailiffs provide the Landlord with a full service of support and advice in all issues of bad tenant occupancy.
Unauthorised occupancy or squatting is now classed as a criminal offence giving the Police the power to arrest squatters within a property.
The City of London Bailiffs work within the Police, Solicitors and Landlords in all matters of squatter evictions. Solutions for Landlords with bad tenant issues including possession, rent arrears and neighbour complaints.
Free collection of commercial rent throughout our designated areas with maximum success.
Private contract sniffer dogs with fully licensed handlers are available to search any property for the smallest trace of any class drug, 100% proven record at an affordable fee for all.

The City of London Bailiffs process servers operate a rapid response service with all costs included in our fixed rate document service. 
Debt collection services for London, Greater London, Essex, Kent,
Sussex and Surrey.
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