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The Professional Bailiffs and private investigators of London - Offering a cost effective services leading to unparalleled sucess rates, including free debt collection throughout London
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 Private Investigations
The City of London Bailiffs private investigation bureau offers a highly comprehensive service, led by an experienced team assisted by the latest technology and numerous accessible data bases.
Our discreet and thoroughly effective agents operate covert, undercover and acquiesce investigative procedures on behalf of clients worldwide.
If you are wanting to know or find out:
The current address of a lost friend or relative, absconding debtor, Tenant or business acquaintance, we will start a tracing programme using our expertise to locate their previous and present whereabouts. "No find no fee".
Fixed standard rate £34.00 + Vat.
Internal business investigations:
Our professional investigator will masquerade as, a new member of staff in order to infiltrate and expose any, wrong doings in the workplace. Uncovering issues of theft, espionage, bullying, neglect, insider trading, harassment, mis-use of company property and any other matters of concern.
Cost from £39.50 an hour.
Claims investigations:
In the form of personal injury, contents insurance, road traffic accidents, benefits and allowance, property damage, minor damage to vehicles, return of goods and other damages. Our assessment will be produced with the aid of covert/non covert evidence in a fully detailed report, in a non partial, non influenced manner, acting as an independent assessor to the facts.
Cost from £39.50 an hour.
County Court warrant returns:
If the claimant doubts the reason for a warrant of execution being returned as: Code 126,129 or 133, defendant not at address, unable to enforce or no goods and peaceful entry denied. The City of London Bailiffs will investigate, resulting with any contrasting evidence found put to statement in order to request a re-issue of the warrant.
Cost £39.50 an hour (London Postcodes only)
Mystery Shopper:
Posing as, a typical customer, one of our most befitting agents will assess the matters as requested by our client. Hidden camera/video devices will be used in support of our fully detailed written report, which will be completed and available within 48 hours.
A common mystery shopper assignment is a restaurant where the owner requests us to monitor:
Staff attitude/helpfulness/dress code/organisation/cleanliness of cutlery/tables/floor/toilets/glasses/standard of service/food/drink/facilities, waiting times for table/drink/food/payment, temperature and sound levels. This is an excellent practice for the owner to assess his/her business through a professional analyst.
Costs are flexible to our clients requirements,
on average an hourly rate of £34.50 is charged with cost for expenses refunded.
Professional expert witnessing:
Much in line with our surveillance service, regarding our on site observations and recordings. We also act as an independent silent witness in corporate negotiations leading to deal closures and contract signing also as, in the witnessing of tribunal and arbitration hearings.
Costs £34.50 an hour.
Company trading address reports:
Before taking legal actions against a company it is highly advisable to get a company trading address report, so many times the trading address or registered office is a formation company, mailing address or virtual office where no goods belong to the company in question.
Fixed fee £55.00 + Vat, includes witness statement and photographic evidence.
Professional Interviewers
The City of London Bailiffs currently employ two of the most efficient and expert interviewers available. With a combined experience of over thirty years MOJ experience in the undertaking of court witness statements via interviewing.
Independent interviewing is a rapidly growing service of requirement for many of the country's major institutions. Offering a precise in depth interview without judgement or personal opinion, our interviewers will conduct all the relevant enquiries required with respect and dignified professionalism.
This service is now being operated for both internal and external use in matters of dispute, arbitration, tribunal affairs, recruitment, claims, agreements, negotiations, family matters and many other issues.
Costs. £39.50 an hour.
Covert surveillance specialists for London, professional expert witnessing and anti social behaviour surveillance covering all London boroughs, Kent, Sussex, Essex, Gatwick Diamond and Surrey.
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