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Landlord & Tenant matters
Commercial rent recovery, forfeiture of lease, inventories, re-entry, goods removed/collected, notices supplied and served.
Commercial Landlord services
Image of Landlords possession of property.
Bad tenant issues
Providing the Landlord with full support and assistance in any difficulties that may arise. Acting as the Landlord's agent in all aspects of possession, rent arrears, security, serving notices, tort, collection of goods and investigations.

County Court Residential Possessions
As, we are all fully aware these proceedings can take many months through the Courts, causing much anguish, high costs and loss of revenue to the landlord. Tenants advice in these matters is freely available and lets be honest, it's not responsible advice that is normally given by some organisations.
Councils, will tell the tenants to stay put until the court bailiffs arrive then, once officially homeless they will  be given a rented property. Likewise with the citizens advice bureau and other establishments powered by, their obligation to ensure the defendant's human rights are an issue of precedence.
You may now be thinking to yourself! what about the Landlords rights?
Unfortunately, The City of London Bailiffs cannot change the rules that currently influence and govern. We can however improve matters and offer the landlord our full support in any circumstances that may prove to be problematic, costly, confrontational or, of a lengthy procedure.
Appointing a City of London Bailiff to be present during a County Court possession.
This service can provide many benefits for the Landlord.
The County Court Bailiff will arrive on the designated time of possession, with a duty to get the warrant signed off once the property is secure and all the residents have left the premises.
If the Landlord cannot make the appointed time of possession or feels uncomfortable in doing so, we will act as, his on agent at the property. We will provide a professional locksmith and sitex if required, sign the warrant and assist the Court Bailiff in his or her duties.
We will also, conduct a thorough search of the premises, ensure the property is totally secure, act as key holder for the property and advise the neighbours to contact the police of any future attempted break in.
In cases where, the Landlord suspects that the evicted tenants may well attempt to break back in, we provide a 24/7 sit in security service with SIA approved dog handlers. Our rates for this service are very competitive and security is provided in the form of experienced fully certified security personnel.
If the Landlord permits the evicted tenants to re-enter the property to collect their left belongings (within the judges recommended seven day period after possession) we will conduct the on site re-entry with the appointment being made by the ex tenants via us.
Unclaimed goods of value can be sent to auction and all rubbish cleared by The City of London Bailiffs on the Landlord's request.
 All costs are negotiable to the Landlords requirements.

Notice to quit
Section 21 notice (60 day notice to vacate).
Section 8 notice (14 day notice).
The City of London Bailiffs will personally serve the notice to the Tenant/Occupier's hand or, display the notices in protective plastic covering attached to all exits or, on wooden stakes in the ground, on the land of the property. Photographic evidence will be taken and attached to our affidavit of service as, an Exhibit.
Cost of serving a Section 21 or, Section 8 notice: 
London postcodes £55.00 + Vat. 
Other areas covered Fixed rate £65.00 + Vat.
Possession of Commercial premises on behalf of commercial Landlords.
Please refer to possession by forfeiture of lease via our possession page.
Collection of commercial rent fee is charged at 5% of the arrears payable by the tenant with no Landlord charges.
Service is available throughout the sixteen London jurisdictions within 24 hrs, out of London availability may vary.
UK Landlord Referencing Services
FREE tenant referencing with free exclusive tenant alerts and a free property support forum with much, much more. - rental property source site for landlords, tenants and letting agents
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