The City Of London Bailiffs - Drug detection dogs
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Drug detection search dog service 
Licensed handlers with fully trained drug sniffer dogs.
Smallest trace of any class drug detected at your
home, business or event venue.
Image of an office where any suspicions of drug handling or use can be detected by our advanced trained sniffer dogs.Image of a home, Our drug detection sniffer dogs will detect any trace of drug related substances.Image of Hotel reception, schools, offices, retail premises, homes, vehicles, warehouses, clubs, can all be detected for housing drugs with our drug detection service.
The City of London Bailiffs Private Investigation Bureau of London now provide a 100% full proof drug sweep of any environment to the private client. Our distinguished dog handler unit, with the use of advanced trained drug detection dogs, will conduct a thorough sweep of any premises, homes, vehicles or gatherings.
The smallest particle of any class drug will be detected on any surface including clothes, shoes, towels and furnishings. Also, drugs contained within various packaging made of any material in any location.
This service will conclude any suspicions of drug use within family members, staff, patrons, associates, partners, colleagues,
pupils and others where suspicions are valid. This service can be conducted at any location under the strictest of confidence and under a covert procedure if preferred.
Some of the types of drugs detected include Cocaine, Cannibis, Heroin, Meth amphetamines, LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana and PCP Angel Dust.

Once a sweep of the premises has been concluded any found substances will be handed to our client with a detailed report of all findings. In the event of any legal action we will produce evidence in the form of an affidavit with photo exhibits to support any claim.
All cost for this service are negotiable to our clients requirements. On average the cost for a thorough sweep of a three bedroom property or similar sized commercial premises. £95.00 + Vat (London Boroughs).
This service is not confined to just London locations.
In situations where individuals in a queueing crowd are identified to be carrying drugs, our sniffer dogs will be protected with a guard dog and handler in support at all times.
Zero drugs in schools campaign
The City of London Bailiffs drug detection service provides an active service in deterring and preventing drugs in schools. Visible sniffer dog searches of school premises is now renown as the best message to put across to all students. Supported by our visual poster campaign, this service is a stern message to anyone thinking of bringing banned substances on to school property. 
This service can be bespoked to the client's requirements.
Active deterrents by way of on site sniffer dogs with a 100% proven search record for finding the smallest traces of any banned substances, can also be a valuable educational exercise in the acknowledgement that, people who dabble in drugs will be caught.
Our experienced drug search dog supervisor Mr David Killon will be on hand to advise you further.
We offer this service with a free on site no obligation consultation.
Bromley County Court Process Servers, collection of documents from the Claimant, Applicant or Petitioner at the court counter or from their given address, same day service including out of office hours.
As civil litigation enforcement officers for London we execute service on an accelerated basis at all times. The City of London Bailiffs act on all instructions within one hour, ensuring immediate attention is given to all matters without delay.
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