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Dispute mediation service
We all know how costly and lengthy drawn out disputed matters can be, many issues appear to be only resolved by a Judges decision where two parties fail to compromise to an agreeable conclusion, the outcome will then be judged as a winner and a loser in the matter. Logical compromise to any dispute is possible with help from a independent mediator, without judgement and without personal opinion.
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Claims and counter claims are really classic cases of a stubborn vendetta, proving a point and not demonstrating any compromise. These procedures due to costs can easily result in two losers on a financial basis and only one moral winner. A very good example of such factors is the creditor and debtor: The debt for instance is £1,000, the creditor pays on average a sum of £200.00 for court proceedings, the debtor pays £75.00 application fee to have judgement set aside. Cost of hearing could be another £400.00 with solicitors fees for which one party will have to settle. The £1,000 debt will now cost to conclusion £675.00 with no guarantee of financial settlement. 
Our mediation service could have negotiated a mutual settlement between the two parties, without all the wasted cost, time and anguish. Ensuring a logical resolution and assured payment within days, at a fraction of the cost and without all the stressful upset. It is not as difficult as it sounds, a compromised agreement can easily be accomplished under the correct guidances.
Another example of which we are very familiar with is that of rightful ownership. It may be a dispute over land, property or goods with two parties presenting the same argument of entitlement. Again a compromise is always possible if both parties are willing and an experienced mediator is present.
Other examples;
where our mediation service can be the best logical resolution.
Shared ownership dissolvement.
Broken relationship distribution of goods.
Out of court settlements.
Family disputes.
Workplace disputes.
Neighbour disputes.
Organisation disputes.
Billing disputes.
Damage claims.
Contract matters.
Partnership break ups, who is having what ?
Our independant valuations and settlement mediation service will
resolve the matter quickly and fairly.
All negotiations are resolved by signed and witnessed written agreements, verified by our legal team.
Cost for our service is negotiable and payable by both parties.
Please give us a call to discuss how this service can resolve any matters of concern.
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